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Mr. Prakash Joshi

Project Chief
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Er. Summer Koirala

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In terms of use, Nepal has about 27% agricultural land, 39.6% forest land, 12% pasture land, 17.2% snow covered and rocky land, and 2.6% water area out of the total land.In recent times, rapidly growing population and uncontrolled use of land resources have shown symptoms of land resources being scarce that would need to cope with the need for sustainable future of the country.

Therefore, due attention would be required, timely, to make its proper use and management. It is not possible to bring such worsening situation of land use and management under control in absence of a guiding policy initiative from the government. Realizing this fact, the Government has already enacted 'National Land Use Policy, 2072(2015)


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नेपालमा भुमीको प्रयोग

Published Date : 2017/12/24